At the heart of this mission is our Founder and Mindful Director; Cheryl Harvey, warmly known as ‘Chezzy’ and characterised by her genuine smile, loving heart, passion for people and living the adventure that is life!

Chezzy is a 37 year-old, conscious female entrepreneur from England, who is well-travelled and has lived the last 8 years of her vibrant life in the land of the Incas; Peru. Chezzy once lived a life of rigid routine, very much in her mind and under the many falsehoods of systematic society today. Within her was this talented business professional, qualified accountant, company manager and a feeling of security, BUT…

Chezzy had been, and continues to be, on a search for truth, freedom and profound happiness. Integrating into a diverse culture of Peru has in time brought her new roots, exposure, adventure, evolution and also a life-changing spiritual journey that has given her a deep connection with our Pachamama, Mother Earth; all that she is, all that she embraces, all that she offers and all of her that is within each of us.

Needless to say, Chezzy left the ties of the corporate world in early 2017 to pursue her personal journey, her passions and new projects of true meaning. After much soul searching, hard work and many divine incidences, Chezzy planted a new seed…

I give thanks EVERYDAY to the blessings I have received and for every moment and life experience that has brought me to this day. It has all been for something, and this includes giving birth to my business of consciousness and pure goodness; 
Seeds of Ayllu.

For me, this is a new venture of SHARING; sharing experiences and growth with my Ayllu family, sharing the so very many teachings, stories and reflections I am abundantly accumulating on this personal and professional voyage, sharing like-mindedness and soul-fulfilling principles with our caring customers, and of course sharing the gifts of our Pachamama for enjoyment, nutrition and gratitude for all that our Earth provides.

I am living and breathing MY TRUTH and what I believe to be THE TRUTH, and I will continue to water our seeds so that we can watch them grow as a universal community.

Om Shanti

We invite you to read our Blog spot, where you can enjoy and be inspired by the shared words and experiences of our Chezzy …also found on Instagram: @chezzysfootprints 👣 for a more visual journey!