We are nothing without the valued support of our Universal Community!

For this important motive, we would like to acknowledge those mindful customers, loving collaborators and green service providers who have contributed to the birth, growth and consciousness of our business project,
from near and far…


Taste of Peru DC 

On 2nd June 2019, our Brazil Nut producer and enthusiast; Nazareth Mayta Chirinos, was invited to exhibit at The Seventh Annual ‘Taste of Peru’ Gastronomical Event held in Washington DC: www.tasteofperudc.com

At this US event, our Naza proudly joined a group of Peruvian Ambassadors to represent the Brazil Nut Farmers of the Amazonian Region of Madre de Dios, to spread passion for the Peruvian culture with fellow earthlings and members of our universal community, and to share the consciously cultivated Brazil Nuts and their deliciously nutritious derivative products.

What an absolute joy for us to be sharing traditions, experiences, knowledge, stories and agricultural food produce of Peru with the rest of the world! 

ASECAMD; Asociación de Extractivistas de Castaña de Madre de Dios

The ASECAMD is one of the principal organisations governing Brazil Nut production in the Amazon Region of Madre de Dios, Peru.

We are working together with Nazareth Mayta Chirinos; Directive Member of the ASECAMD, local owner of the Brazil Nut Plantation; Castañal Isula, and well-respected Brazil Nut producer in Peru. By means of the fiscal position that Nazareth holds on this Directive Board, our missions to contribute to the conscious and common benefits of the native castañeros, Brazil Nut farmers, and also the sustainable management of the Amazon Rainforest, are supported. 

An example of when good and earthly people come together to do great things!

XPR Visual

With much love and great appreciation to our dear friend and creative whirlwind; James Djordjevic; Freelance Owner of XPR Visual: www.xprvisual.com, who has managed our website design with such feeling and excitement!

Our James is also a citizen of the world and offers his graphical services on an international scale. A seedling of Bosnia and Serbia, brought up in Sweden and currently living in Amsterdam. With James we have a true friendship, which bloomed during the 5 years that he lived in wonderous Peru and being fully immersed in the colour, vibrance, contrast and cultural explosion that this country has to offer; an experience of total inspiration for such a visual artist.

We have one profound sensation in common; Peru is a part of us and forever in our hearts!


Our website is 100% GREEN! With the internet and webhosting consuming a great deal of electricity worldwide, we feel that it is extremely important for us to be conscious about our consumption and how this can be offset with a positive contribution to our planet. For this reason, we choose Mijndomein for our domain, webhosting and e-mail services: www.mijndomein.nl

Netherlands-based Mijndomein not only uses server optimisation, but is also offsetting residual CO2 emissions through participation in social projects to lessen emissions and become completely CO2 neutral. Working alongside the Fair Climate Fund since 2010 to help people in developing countries cook cleaner!

Mijndomein and Seeds of Ayllu agree that sustainability is vital to the future of our planet!