The genuine intentions of our business, the individuals and communities involved, and also the roots of our produce, all come from a foundation of consciousness. At Seeds of Ayllu, we believe in taking care of our Pachamama, Mother Earth, and harvesting her natural gifts of nutrition in a way that is clean, loving and sustainable; knowing that the seeds of our rainforest bear an energy of wellbeing to feed the life within us.

We blessedly liken our human and spirit selves to the wholesome produce that we offer, since we are ALL indeed offsprings of nature. When we as people, or our sown seeds, are placed in an environment that best suits us, we can live happy and healthy, and this is when we experience growth and the opportunity to bloom and enjoy the fruits of life.

Just as the plants, flowers and trees need earth, sun, water and air, us earthlings also fuse with the elements of nature in our creation and evolution. We start life as water within our Mother’s seed embryo and, as we then come to physically be, we journey our bodies of high water content, towards the light and arrive on Earth. Now grounded, we begin to grow and develop the characteristics that define us and make us unique. Our impulse to survive, live the life we desire, follow our passions, achieve our goals and search for enlightenment, can all be expressed as the fire within us. Then, in blows the air element; our breath and the wind beneath our wings to take us where we are destined to go; just like dispersed seeds being spread far and wide…

We are all on a personal voyage, living a life cycle where continuous change is a certainty and our moment to flourish comes when there is no force; just trusting in the rhythm of nature and perfect timing. Our clean and healthy nourishment is our natural medicine, our self love, our energy source and our preservation as a life force of nature.

Let’s keep sowing our seeds for the future, planting and cultivating incredible species with mindfulness, and preparing for the sweetest harvest!