To support the conscious cultivation and dedicated farmers of agricultural produce within the Madre de Dios Region of the Peruvian Amazon.

To share intensely nutritious food resources, valuably accompanied by their stories of origin, care and health benefits to be enjoyed by all.

To unite diverse communities through the energy of giving and receiving, and exchanging full appreciation for one another.

To encourage and contribute to the mindful alimentation of our fellow earthlings, through the offering of purely natural food produce, knowledge of wholesome nourishment and enhancing wellbeing.

To bring nutrition, flavour and edible enjoyment into the hearts and homes of our valued consumers.

To give back to the Earth by reinvesting a portion of our monetary gains in reforestation, conservation, protection and sustainable management of areas within the Amazon Rainforest in and around Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios; natural havens of flora and fauna that are of vital importance to our humanity.

To always work with truth, fairness, love, transparency and pride towards ourselves, our Ayllu family, our thoughtful customers and all connected parties crossing our path along this conscious journey.