Together with your kind purchases & donations, we at Seeds of Ayllu are now supporting an indigenous women’s collective within the Kaqchikel community at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Bringing you a natural food product of Mayan ancestral heritage & infused with sacred healing spirit…
Ceremonial Grade – Organic Cacao

(Delivery worldwide)

At Seeds of Ayllu, we value not only the rich agricultural resources grown in the natural paradise of Madre de Dios, Peru, but also the stories of the native communities, their rooted beliefs and conscious energies channelled into the work of this land, along with a truly organic approach to harvesting and a vision for the sustainability of our sacred Amazon Rainforest.

We are closely collaborating with a native, long-standing, family-run business of Castañeros, Brazil Nut Farmers, and their fellow plantation owners, based in Puerto Maldonado. We offer the sourcing of intensely nutritious Brazil Nuts, Bertholletia Excelsa, for wholesale to our ethical customers near and far. This is an eco-project approached with extreme consciousness and utter respect for our Mother Earth and all of her natural abundance.

We are passionately committed to giving back to our Earth and the Amazon Rainforest, as a significant and sacred vessel for the air that we breathe, by making mindful contributions to it’s survival. As such, 5% of ALL profits made from the sale of our natural Amazonian food resources are reinvested in reforestation, conservation, protection and sustainable management efforts within the Region of Madre de Dios.

Our Ayllu Seedlings are delighted to share with you the stories of our deep roots, grounded philosophies, light missions and current eco-projects. 

Offering gifts of Mother Earth; natural and deliciously nutritious food produce, consciously cultivated in the Madre de Dios Region of Amazonian Peru.

Enjoy seeing the sights and moments captured during our continued travels throughout Peru, the Amazon jungle and at our green project locations.

Shared words of adventure, diverse cultural experience, reflection and inspiration, from our Founder & Mindful Director; Cheryl Harvey.

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