Our current and most devoted eco-project is that of our collaboration with the native castañeros, Brazil Nut Farmers, in and around Puerto Maldonado; the capital city of the Madre de Dios Region in Southeast Peru.

Consciously working hand-in-hand with our dear friend and local castañera; Nazareth Mayta Chirinos, her earthly team at the Brazil Nut Plantation; Castañal Isula, and fellow farmers of nearby plantations with whom we have organic connections due to the position that Nazareth holds as Directive Member of the ASECAMD; Madre de Dios Brazil Nut Producers Association

Together we are actively raising awareness, supporting the clean cultivation of Amazonian agricultural produce, planning development projects for the conservation and protection of our sacred rainforest and working towards economical growth for these farmers and their families in a way that is conscious, respectful and sustainable.

At Seeds of Ayllu, we are exporting the fruits of this labour; the Brazil Nut; from the Port of Callao, Lima, Peru. Available for wholesale to our understanding, appreciative, caring, supportive and visionary customers near and far…