We are truly blessed to be fertilising this project with the owner of Castañal Isula and inspiring earth woman; Nazareth Mayta Chirinos (our Naza!). Born into an agricultural family in Puerto Maldonado and growing up with a deep connection to forest life and the gifts of Mother Earth, Naza was drawn to the work of her native land and has now been the title owner of her own concession for the last 13 years. Naza lives and breathes dedication to the conscious cultivation of, first, her two children; Almendra and Gael, and then natural food products, with specialisation in the growing, harvesting and commercialisation of Brazil Nuts. Naza also sits on the Directive Board of the ASECAMD; Madre de Dios Brazil Nut Producers Association, where she has much positive influence and contributes to the plans and future projects for the conscious and common benefits of the native castañeros, Brazil Nut farmers.

Castañal Isula covers 969.83 hectares, is home to 446 Brazil Nut trees and is located on the River Pariamanu, approximately 3 hours by river boat from Puerto Maldonado, and preceded by River Las Piedras and River Madre de Dios. In order to then reach the site camp upon arrival at the dock in Pariamanu, there is a rugged forest trek of approximately 45 minutes. At the camp during harvest season, you will find the plantation team, which currently consists of 6 nuclear members; Naza and her husband Gabriel, who are leading the plantation management; Milton, Guillermo (Memo) and Jorge (Coco), who are our experienced farmers, and Eva the camp cook.

Naza named her plantation after the gigantic jungle ant; ‘Isula’, for which Naza and her family found a nest at the section of land chosen for the camp when they first aquired the concession. The Isula is a representation of powerful strength and will do you no harm if you do not harm her! If the Isula feels under attack, she will react and leave you with an extremely painful bite. Naza explains that it is the very same principle for the deep jungle; if you ask permission to enter and do so with peace and respect, all will be fine. However, if you enter with disrespect and to cause damage, the spirit of the forest will react the same or worse and you will feel affected as a result. As such, the plantation, and the rainforest as a whole, should be cherished, safeguarded and thoughtfully enjoyed.

Our Naza is bursting with ideas and plans for the conscious development of her plantation, giving back to the earth through reforestation, sharing increased understanding of sustainable eco-systems among fellow farmers, promoting environmentally mindful activities and seeking financial support for the conservation, protection and future survival of our sacred rainforest. As a means of raising funds to support these missions and also the native families who depend on this economy, Castañal Isula and nearby plantations are delighted to share both their stories and artisanal food produce for wholesale and the alimentation of our good health.

Seeds of Ayllu; our Chezzy, and Castañal Isula; our Naza, have come together to plant seeds, to feed them with clean water and consciously cultivate a wonderfully inspiring project that will achieve it’s light missions. All of this with the support of our enthusiastic, mindful and whole-heartedly resonating customers.