The Brazil Nut, Bertholletia Excelsa, and it’s tree is native to South America and mostly found in the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. The growing and harvesting of Brazil Nuts is a large biodiverse activity within the expansive area of Amazonian Peru, that is Madre de Dios. 

The Brazil Nut fruit (much resembling a coconut) grows on the enormous Brazil Nut tree, which can reach up to 50 metres in height, with a trunk of 1 to 2 metres wide, and can live for more than 500 years. This is one of the largest trees in the Amazon Rainforests; AN AMAZING GIANT! After 14 months of patiently observing the rhythms of nature, the Brazil Nut fruits, cocos de castaña, fall from the tree and so the harvesting season (typically December to March) begins to remove the 8 to 24 selenium-rich seeds that are nestled inside each fruit like segments of an orange.

Brazil Nut harvesting involves extremely laborious activities, including trekking vast areas of the rainforest for the collection of the hard-shelled fruits, opening each one with a machete and carrying the full sacks of the harvested seeds from the various work locations in the plantation to the storage destination. These sacks are carried on the backs of the plantation workers, with a head strap support, and each weigh between 70 and 80kg. All of this in uneven terrain, often battling with the heavy rains and with the risk of exposure to a wild animal or falling coco. It’s truly nuts!

For this reason, we give MUCH APPRECIATION to our Ayllu family for the tremendous efforts and sacrifices made to continue this sustainable and eco-friendly economic development for the native community, and also to make it possible for us to share the Brazil Nut; an incredibly nutritious food resource for our universal community.

The Brazil Nuts consciously cultivated at Castañal Isula possess an impressive mineral and vitamin profile, and are considered to have powerful health benefits, particularly due to their unusually high selenium content.

At Seeds of Ayllu, we offer the export of both shelled and unshelled Brazil Nuts for wholesale.
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