Our Chezzy & Naza; A Divine Union!

I went to the jungle alone. To the natural paradise of a region named ‘Madre de Dios’, Mother of God. I landed in the small airport of Puerto Maldonado and …OH MY, had I truly landed! It was a trip taken on a very personal mission. I arrived to the Amazon Rainforest of Peru in solitude, lost and in search of inner healing. On the 17th October 2017, I left with a major internal shift towards finding my true self. I left with the plant medicine; ‘Ayahuasca‘, running through my being and I left in the deep knowing that this was a sacred place on Earth to which I would return. I would never be quite the same again!

Naza was also born in 1981. Just like our Chezzy, she is a woman small in size, yet immense in strength, character, magnetic energy and life ambition! While Chezzy grew up in a small village in the Essex countryside; playing in the fields and making dens in the woods, Naza was exploring and nurturing a profound connection with a contrasting natural environment; the tropical forests of vibrant Peru. “Soy una mujer del monte!” …Naza will proudly tell you! At age 36 and in the time of a real personal life struggle for both truth searchers, Chezzy and Naza were destined to meet and share an incomparable spiritual voyage

Ayahuasca is a natural plant brew, long used by the indigenous people of the Amazon as a traditional spiritual medicine and drank in a ceremonial setting. Ayahuasca comes from the Quechua word ‘Ayawaska‘; ‘aya‘ meaning soul and ‘waska‘ meaning plant vine. My participation in a series of these ceremonies and drinking this psychoactive brew, led to being the toughest yet most rewarding experience of my life to date. Without going into my full Ayahuasca story (as this would call for a never-ending article!), what I can share is that she; ‘Pachamama’, our Mother Earth, presented me with everything that I needed to see, hear and feel in that moment of my life, for my own cleansing, purging and healing, and to awaken the consciousness that lies within me and within each and every one of us.

There is much controversy and misunderstanding surrounding the mystery of this sacred plant of natural healing, but I myself have never been so certain. Ayahuasca is a medicine to be respected and honoured as a creation of Mother Earth that will never do you harm, so long as she is treated in such a way, never misused and offered by conscious beings with love and divinely guided experience. When we take care of our Mother Nature, she really does take care of us! She has changed my life incredibly and now I am committed to protecting and giving back to her.

Sharing this powerful experience, side by side, Chezzy and Naza initiated a blessed and eternal friendship. During the days of retreat and passing through a whole array of extreme emotions, the ladies laid in adjacent hammocks; sharing! Stories of their family, childhood, home country, culture, ways of living and, of course, means of sustaining oneself, which for Naza has always been the work of the land and being a guardian of the forest. Naza is a woman of the Earth, a conscious being who has embraced the agricultural pride and passion of both her family and local, native community, and is now a very well-respected and influential Brazil Nut expert and producer of her region. Naza lives and breathes the world of ‘la castaña‘, the Brazil Nut of Peru, and Chezzy clearly feels this to be engrained in Naza’s grounded identity.

It was soon time for me to leave the jungle, to continue my path and carrying with me, not only my backpack, but also a multitude of realisations. But before my departure, there was enough time for me to meet Naza’s nuclear family, including her two beautiful children; Almendra and Gael, her husband Gabriel and her dear parents, who invited us to break our Ayahuasca diet and enjoy a typical soup lunch with them at their rustic farm home. Then saying goodbye at the bus terminal, Naza presented me with a very unique gift, which I now understand to have been an omen. It was a ‘coco de castaña‘! The Brazil Nut fruit, much resembling a coconut, which gives home to the perfectly nestled Brazil Nuts; the seeds of this creation of nature. This was Naza “in a nutshell!” Hahaha!!! …my precious ‘coco’ has not been cracked open and I treasure it to this day!

…fast forward 16 months to early 2019, and Chezzy is now making a return to Puerto Maldonado. The months that had passed in between visits were an incredible time of self exploration and self discovery for our Chezzy. She had travelled a lot; to Guatemala, the USA, to family and friends in England, a summer spent in Greece, and further travels in the USA before returning to her home of the last 8 years; Peru!

I felt the calling to return to the rainforest and to my spiritual family, and all in perfect timing! Naza and her family, along with our Ayahuasca family, were leaving for their annual holiday into the deep jungle and to the home of their beloved Brazil Nut trees; Brazil Nut Plantation ‘Isula‘. With news of my arrival in Peru, I was invited on this new adventure

This is when everything fell into place. Everything I had worked so hard for throughout many years of my adulthood; personally, spiritually and professionally, had all been leading to this! I was to work closely alongside two very special women in my life; Naza and our Pachamama, Mother Earth. We trekked the forest during harvest season, I became great friends with the dedicated and tremendously hard working plantation team, we all shared time at the camp and, whilst Naza taught me to fish in ‘las quebradas’, jungle streams, we talked endlessly of how we could collaborate in a business that would, not only share the intensely nutritious Brazil Nuts of the protected forest with distant lands, but also share a multitude of stories for the increased awareness, deeper understanding, positive influence and inspiration of others.

...and so a new seed was planted and a new venture was born!

The story of Chezzy and Naza is one of destiny and divine intervention. Two seedlings born almost 10,000km apart, experiencing germination and emergence within diverse cultures and distinct societies, branching out to discover new horizons and being drawn towards the light. With their paths illuminated, Chezzy and Naza were guided to the same sacred safe haven in Amazonian Peru and it was from there that this magical process of cross pollination began! What has now bloomed is a business project of pure consciousness; sharing medicine food with fellow earthlings of our universal community and reinvesting in our mother land who gifts us life everyday.

Their journeys, both individually and as women united in business, have armed them with all of the resources they need to succeed with real purpose and to make a mindful difference to the lives of so many. At Seeds of Ayllu, we are immensely proud of our femalepreneurs and their true hearts that keep our vision pumping!

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